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Cheetah 26 Fat Tire Beach Snow Electric Bike in Matte Black, by Ecotric

Embark on a Rugged Adventure with the Cheetah Electric Bike 🚴‍♂️🏔️

Ecotric - Powering Your Journey 
Ecotric stands at the forefront of sustainable and innovative transportation. The Cheetah Electric Bike, a masterpiece in their fleet, is designed to conquer terrains while promoting an eco-friendly lifestyle. Ecotric is more than a brand; it's a statement of eco-conscious mobility.

Tested & Trusted by Adventurers 
Join the ranks of thrill-seekers and nature enthusiasts who have transformed their outdoor experiences with the Cheetah. Celebrated for its versatility and reliability, this e-bike has garnered rave reviews from across the biking community.

Master of All Terrains 
The Cheetah isn’t just another e-bike; it's an all-terrain champion. From sandy beaches to snowy trails, muddy paths to mountainous roads, this e-bike's 26” fat tires provide unparalleled grip and shock absorption. Its triangular frame enhances stability, ensuring you remain the king of all grounds.

  • High-Speed Brushless Motor: Experience the thrill of 500W power with a quieter, lighter, and smoother ride.
  • *26"4.0" Anti-Skid Fat Tires: Designed to adapt to any topography, including snow, sand, and gravel.
  • Dual Disc Brake System: For powerful, reliable braking in any condition.

Conquer Every Trail 
Why limit your adventures? With the Cheetah Electric Bike, every trail is a new opportunity. Whether it's a serene beach ride or a challenging mountain trek, the Cheetah is your perfect companion.

Limited Offer 
We're excited to offer you an exclusive chance to own the Cheetah at a special price. Plus, enjoy a robust 18-month warranty on its upgraded 36V 12.5AH lithium-ion battery.

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Product Specifications:

  • Model Size: 18606301060mm
  • Weight Capacity: 265lb
  • Battery: 36v 12.5AH, 400-600 cycles life
  • Motor: Rear Hub 36V 500W
  • Charging Time: 5-8 Hours
  • Speed: Up to 25MPH

Embark on your next adventure with the Cheetah 26 Fat Tire Beach Snow Electric Bike and redefine what it means to explore the great outdoors!

P.S. Your journey to conquer terrains starts here. Grab your Cheetah and let the adventure begin! 🌲🚵‍♀️🌊

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